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GPS Fleet Tracking Product News & Trends

GPS Fleet Management and In-Vehicle Driver Displays – Several of our vendors now offer the ability to integrate the GPS tracking device with an in-vehicle Garmin device to serve as a display to provide detailed dispatching and routing information from the office to your drivers in the field.  These displays serve 3 purposes:

  1. Dispatch:  Schedule, dispatch and manage your fleet:
  • Send new daily jobs to a mobile
  • View up-to-date job status
  • View jobs for a single vehicle or the entire fleet
  • Re-route itineraries based on business demands
  1. Communicate: instantly via two-way messaging between the office and in-vehicle Garmin device:

  • Send and receive messages to/from the office and Garmin device
  • Create instant routes, messages, or re-route a vehicle
  • Receive driver acknowledgement of job status
  • Send new daily jobs to a mobile
  1. Navigate safely and accurately while improving operations and optimizing customer service:

  • Automatic voice guided turn-by-turn directions
  • Choose job order based on proximity
  • Receive accurate estimated time of arrivals
  • Update routes in real-time to avoid traffic
  • Receive notification for job arrivals

GPS Fleet Management Offers Our Existing Clients and Future Clients Significant Insurance Savings – We now have at least 2 commercial liability insurance agencies that are working with us to extend discounts to our clients that use our GPS Fleet Management products to reduce their risk.  These agencies see the value having GPS protect our mutual client’s assets.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

GPS Fleet Management Offers Businesses a Way to a Greener Fleet  -
The increasing awareness of global warming and other important environmental trends is causing many companies with mobile workforces to start thinking about their "carbon footprint" - that is, the impact they are having on the Earth's atmosphere through their consumption of carbon-based fuels.  GPS Fleet Management offers businesses a way to help make their fleet "greener." A Greener Fleet can be attained by using the GPS Fleet Management data to reduce overall fuel usage and carbon emissions by:

  1. Reduce overall miles driven by eliminating unauthorized use and through more efficient routing.
  2. Reduce unnecessary engine idling
  3. Proper vehicle maintenance

GPS-based Fleet Management can help companies become more productive AND environmentally responsible.  Data from the EPA's Smartway Transport Partnership shows the effect of commercial vehicles on the environment:

"Together, truck and rail transport now consume over 35 billion gallons of fuel each year. While burning fuel is necessary to move goods efficiently by truck and rail, some of that fuel is wasted due to inefficient practices such as excessive idling and using trucks with poor aerodynamic design. That wasted fuel translates to wasted money for freight transport companies and increased emissions released into the environment.  Burning this fuel produces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the most prevalent greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases create a gaseous "blanket" that prevents ultraviolet rays from leaving the earth's atmosphere, resulting in a "greenhouse," or warming, effect, which is a major part of global climate change. Consuming 35 billion gallons of fuel produces over 350 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Burning this fuel also produces nitrogen oxides (NOx), a contributor to ozone formation, or "smog", and particulate matter - two air pollutants that have serious health and environmental impacts. Ground freight contributes 40% of transportation related emissions of NOx and 30% of particulate matter emissions."

GPS Fleet Management Offers Data and Communications Accessed Through the Use of Cell Phones –
For those businesses that have field based managers or drivers and who wish to communicate with their employees using text messages, as well as those who would like to use a cell phone to determine their vehicles’ whereabouts, GPS Fleet Management offers several different options, none that require any special software other than a phone that accepts text messaging.  Using drivers’ cell, customers can now send and receive messages via text message. Additionally, they can see exact, satellite maps of their vehicles’ locations on their cell phone if the cell phone has browser capabilities.

GPS Fleet Management Integrates into Vehicle Alarms for Instant Notification of Theft with Real-Time Vehicle Location. – With the increasing occurrence of theft of vehicles and equipment in Arizona and throughout the United States, we have many customers having us integrated their GPS tracking units with their theft detection.  How sophisticated you want this integrated theft detection to be is determined by our clients.  It can be as simple as the customer receiving an instant email or text message when vehicle movement or ignition is measured after hours or can be as sophisticated as having the GPS unit integrated into the vehicle alarm system.  If the vehicle is broken into, is started, or moved with no ignition present, the alarm will sound, the ignition will be disabled and the customer will receive an instant email and/or text message to an individual or group of people telling them exactly which vehicle and where.  The end user can also disable the ignition remotely if they desire.

GPS Fleet Management Integrates into Event Monitoring for Better Understanding of Productivity and Elimination of Moonlighting.  All of our GPS solutions allow the end user to monitor more than just the vehicle.  We have several janitorial companies that have GPS installed into their vehicles to manage the vehicle but we are also tied into their carpet cleaning machines.  This allows the business to determine when the vehicle got to the job site, when the carpet cleaning machine was turned on (measurement of set up time), how long the machine was used at the job (measurement of time it took to do the job) and when the vehicle left the job site (measure of breakdown time.)  Of course, this also would notify the customer if the machine was used at a job that they did not collect any revenue from.  This feature has been used on plaster trucks (plaster pumps), delivery trucks (rear doors), vent cleaning vehicles, street cleaners (measure sweeps & lights on/off) and many other applications.  One of our delivery customers has the GPS set up to monitor the rear door and when the rear door is open the ignition is disabled preventing the truck from departing with the rear door open.


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