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Press Release:  November 13, 2008

GPS Fleet Management Helps Ace Asphalt, Inc. save over $150,000 in reduced fuel costs AND helps reduce Greenhouse emissions.

PHOENIX, AZ:  GPS Fleet Management, a leading provider of GPS-based fleet management and consulting services, announced today that its client, Ace Asphalt of Arizona, is on track to save nearly $150,000 in reduced fuel costs during its first year of service.  “Initial reports have shown that we have cut unnecessary idling by nearly 50 percent since the start of the program,” reports Darin Soll, Chief Information Officer for Ace Asphalt.  As the largest parking lot construction and maintenance company in Arizona, Ace Asphalt recently completed a fleet-wide installation of a Global Positioning Satellite system in each of its 283 motorized assets – from service vehicles to large construction machinery. “The decision to move forward with a GPS system was the estimated fuel savings as well as the ability to locate our equipment at any given time,” Soll adds. “With diesel fuel hitting nearly $4.75 per gallon, the benefits we saw through reducing idle time saved more than just fuel costs.  Those reduced emissions also show that we are doing our part to help the environment.”

Other important benefit to utilizing the GPS system is the ability to track the company’s fleet in terms of location, vehicle speed, and maintenance schedule. “The ‘Ignition On, Ignition Off’ feature is our flag to know if a specific vehicle is running or not.  If it idles for more than a few minutes, the system automatically generates an exception that notifies us by email and text message so we can quickly address it,” comments Soll.  On those assets that have either a J plug or an ODBII plug for the engine computer, the device will email the customer anytime an engine fault is detected helping them to save money on costly repairs by being proactive before the problem grows worse.

About Ace Asphalt of Arizona, Inc.: Ace Asphalt of Arizona, Inc. has served thousands of business customers and has completed over 50,000 projects in nearly 42 years of business.  As the largest private grading, paving, and paving maintenance company in Arizona, Ace Asphalt paves or resurfaces over 180 million square feet per year.  Ace Asphalt is a two-time member of the Inc. 5000 and has been ranked by its customers among the Top 5 Heavy Construction Companies in Arizona for the past 8 years.  Ace Asphalt is also the recipient of the 2008 Top Family-Owned Business Award for large companies in the product category by Arizona Business Magazine and the Thunderbird Center for Global Entrepreneurship.  For more information, visit their website at


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